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Hatsumi Toshima

I always loved curling my hair as a little girl, and at the age of 12 I knew that I want to be a hairstylist. I studied beauty and started my career at a hair salon in Tokyo, Japan. Now, I am a professional hairstylist in New York City, the hair and fashion capital of the world.

I am incredibly passionate about my job and love my profession from the bottom of my heart. I like challenges and the opportunity to create beauty. It is very rewarding for me when my client appreciates my work and I can make them happy.

Whether my client is an individual, a magazine, or an advertiser , I always to try to understand what their concept is and apply my creative abilities to exceed their expectation. Many times, this includes studying the model and working with her individuality to showcase her persona.  Drawing power from her many facets is paramount in bringing out her original character. 

I feel lucky to be involved with something that I love to do. Most of the pieces that appear in my portfolios feature my work for both hair and make up. I strive to stay current with trends in beauty to continually expand my skills and my sense of fashion and grow as a person. I continually take classes and have learnt from experienced professionals in the field. In 2015, I found my career as a L'Oréal Professional artist. This is my new passion and my new challenge. Currently I am an independent contractor for L'Oréal company for few of their brands. Currently I am more into styling and color.